Don't be afraid Mr Arrington

"What really scares me?” asks Michael Arrington (techcrunch). "It’s the rise of fast food content that will surely, over time, destroy operations that hand craft their content today.

Indeed, companies like Demand Media and have now made it to the list of top 20 properties by creating content on a mass scale and optimizing it based on what's hot on the search engines. With all the fast food content that is being created + optimized for search, how can your brand break through the clutter?

To make things even worse, Bing + Google offer us a lot of this content without even leaving the search engine. How can your site compete with the immediacy and credibility of the content that shows up instantly from the search engine itself?

The reality is that you can optimize + monetize the crap out of it, killing most of the boring, uninspiring players in the process. But the smart, creative players will find a way to survive. Disruption is not just about scale. It’s also about ideas.

Shakespeare used the word "punk" in 1623

*he referred to a prostitute.
Much later, the word became a symbol of the generation gap phenomenon.
A generation gap is what happens when people of one generation can’t keep up with social evolution. Simply put, you grow older while the society “becomes” younger. Then you don’t “understand” younger generations. (punks...)

For the first time in history this is about to change. We have now reached a point where technology has become an organic part of our life. Simply put, technology is finally less technical. My 65 year old dad is using skype. My 5 year old daughter is using RFID tags (Nabaztag) to start computer applications. And I can’t even start thinking about what gaming is going to be like when I retire. Not a virtual reality, augmented reality or other reality that needs to be defined or separated from our life. Just reality. But better.

Which means that it’s going to be equally easy for me, my daughter and her kids to consume + understand the same content. We will be able to participate in culture as equals. And maybe, we will understand eachother better because of that.