Guns don’t kill people. But -powerpoint- bullets kill plenty

This is the sequel to my recent post “if you want to test a man’s character give him power*point", that created a lot of conversation. Here is some additional practical advice, in less than 1 minute:

1. One slide-One Idea: Ideally don’t use bullet points.
2. If you have to use bullets at all, use them sparingly and think of them as newspaper headlines (or twitter posts). “Just do it” is better than “it’s about time that you start doing it because it’s important”
3. Help people SEE what you are SAYING: Communicate your Ideas with strong visual grammar. Engage peoples’ senses, but practice Design, not decoration
4. Take ownership of your content: What would happen if your presentation file got lost just before the meeting? Challenge yourself to Go Powerpoint-less.
5. The number of slides is irrelevant (as long as you do #4): Check Garr Reynolds presentation on SlideShare: its 184 slides but you can read it in 6 minutes.
6. Use Drama: Press B when in slide show and your screen will turn Black, forcing your audience to focus on you. (or W for white)

Last but not least, follow the Golden rule from Slide:ology:
Never deliver a presentation that you wouldn’t want to sit through.