RevisedFinal Presentationv8.1… and the story is still not tight enough.

Time is running out, so you start cutting the fat. You simplify some key charts. Then you decide that an entire section is not needed so you take it out. And finally you have another look and you decide to really cut to the bone.

There. All these cluttered charts and cool visuals are now gone. What’s left?
The idea and the story, if there was one. If not, well, you didn’t have much to begin with.

But then again, you felt safer with a longer deck. We all do. We can still fail with 50 slides, but then no one can blame us for being “unprofessional” (just for being uninspiring, I wonder what’s worse). That’s why it’s really worth taking the time to make our stories shorter.
Find ways to surprise our audience. Provoke questions, or they may take place in our absence.

And finally it's always a good idea to push it. Cut, cut and then cut some more.
There, your deck is lean and mean. Good luck.