Pete the Meat Puppet, grinding Diesel.

I love Diesel clothes. It's a clever brand that has managed to evolve and redefine itself through the years. I can still remember Diesel being overshadowed by Levi's when I was a teenager and see the two brands now: you can get a 501 pair of jeans for less than $40 but you probably need to pay close to $400 for a Diesel.

So I love this brand. From the first time that I walked into a Diesel store in London in '94 until last week that I stopped by the store in Union Square in NYC, I am always thrilled by the experience that surrounds their clothes: music, style, people working in the stores, almost everything.

Which brings me to Pete, the meat puppet, a recent addition that I wish I hadn't seen. (and you may not want to see either, although I have provided the link).

I get the sarcasm and the humor. I also get the desire to be alternative and different, it has served a good purpose for Diesel so far. I may even get the gory details about Pete's drug adventure and demise, including the eating his leg part. I get all that. What I can't get over is the very bad taste (literally) that this ad leaves in your mouth.

Diesel is a lifestyle brand and this is about taste, good taste. Unfortunately, every time I think about Diesel I will now see Pete's face and that sucks. The other problem is that the jingle is really catchy and I can't get it out of my head.

So that's it. A very sticky ad yes, but not in a good way. 50% successful, but a total disaster if you ask me. But you may have a different opinion. Please check the mini poll I created and let me know what you think