Pete & Diesel - additional comments

Based on my (limited) sample of 19, Pete the Meat Puppet seems to alienate 7 out of 10 people exposed to it, but interestingly most of them where indifferent to begin with. On the contrary, the share of Diesel fans seem to remain loyal even after the receive the "Pete treat". I believe that a brand needs to stand for something very distinct. If Pete encapsulates the spirit for Diesel, so be it.

Pete the Meat Puppet, grinding Diesel.

I love Diesel clothes. It's a clever brand that has managed to evolve and redefine itself through the years. I can still remember Diesel being overshadowed by Levi's when I was a teenager and see the two brands now: you can get a 501 pair of jeans for less than $40 but you probably need to pay close to $400 for a Diesel.

So I love this brand. From the first time that I walked into a Diesel store in London in '94 until last week that I stopped by the store in Union Square in NYC, I am always thrilled by the experience that surrounds their clothes: music, style, people working in the stores, almost everything.

Which brings me to Pete, the meat puppet, a recent addition that I wish I hadn't seen. (and you may not want to see either, although I have provided the link).

I get the sarcasm and the humor. I also get the desire to be alternative and different, it has served a good purpose for Diesel so far. I may even get the gory details about Pete's drug adventure and demise, including the eating his leg part. I get all that. What I can't get over is the very bad taste (literally) that this ad leaves in your mouth.

Diesel is a lifestyle brand and this is about taste, good taste. Unfortunately, every time I think about Diesel I will now see Pete's face and that sucks. The other problem is that the jingle is really catchy and I can't get it out of my head.

So that's it. A very sticky ad yes, but not in a good way. 50% successful, but a total disaster if you ask me. But you may have a different opinion. Please check the mini poll I created and let me know what you think