Google TV Ads: the good the bad and the future

As expected, google officially launched their TV ads platform after months of speculation. With this new dashboard buyers will be able to manage TV campaigns, which of course sounds like most of what a media buyer does.
The good: a very easy and intuitive dashboard that gets you going in minutes. You can even find creative if you don't have one, and for a limited time google covers the cost (up to $2000, not bad). Overall, the system tries to make the TV ad process more accountable and measurable. It works through an auction model, where advertisers state the most they’re willing to pay on a cost-per-thousand impressions basis, and don’t pay until the ad airs.
The bad: There is not such thing as a free lunch. Google’s TV ads are limited to Dish’s 14 million subscribers for now. The funny thing is that they don't mention it anywhere in their demos... its funny when people do this. Of course it's a start. But then SpotRunner has been doing this for a while and then project Canoe (sponsored by the big cable companies) will probably shake things when launched. Cable companies are investing $150mil on this.
The future: Either way, the advertising landscape is changing. There is clearly more flexibility now to manage campaigns, even at a local or more sporadic level. Of course, cable providers want a share of the pie. They also have richer user data so they can optimize targeting and increase effectiveness. As this will be happening, advertisers' expectations will also change and then maybe traditional roles of media and buyers will follow.