a whole new mind: right is right

Daniel Pink presented his latest thinking at the World Innovation forum this week. The main point was that right side brain people will have an edge in the years to come. As we know our brain has two sides... left and right and different tasks take place in each area. Our left side is responsible for tasks that are more analytical and require attention to detail, while the right side will help us with tasks that require big picture and context.

The big aha, is that left side skills are becoming more commoditized due to automation, i.e. a computer can do such tasks better than a human being. Taking this to the next level, jobs that are left side intensive and anything that can be translated to a step by step process are being outsourced to India and other places. In addition to that abundance of products in the western societies creates a clear need for differentiation and innovation.

So... in order to survive you have to think differently or at least hire /work with people that have this skill set. Food for thought for your startup team.