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Twitter has become an essential marketing and communication tool. It looks like its here to stay for a while, particularly as its traffic is in the millions and is still growing fast.

Example #1:
A few days ago, acclaimed blogger Hugh MacLeod, (gapingvoid ) deleted his twitter account, making some of us believe that this was a twitter had reached a turning point.
Then he signed right back (a day later), only to prove that twitter is here to stay.

In his words: Too many people I do business with are also on Twitter. Being off it was impossible. My bad.

Example #2: Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis has announced that he will give one of his friends on Twitter a Macbook Air if he becomes the #1 user (he is now #2 behind Obama).

Jason said that "in March Twitter sent over 10,000 people to Mahalo and this month we're on track to have 20,000 folks visit Mahalo from Twitter. If the 20,000 number is sustainable, 250,000 folks will visit Mahalo from Twitter over the next year. Most of these folks are coming from my personal account."

"Twitter is going to be huge" he concluded.

Example #3 (pesrsonal experience): I twitted about social search website mahalo on Monday and only two hours later I got a "follow request" from C.K. Sample III, who is the editorial director at mahalo...

Although it was a bit intrusive it was very powerful, immediate and interactive.

I felt that you can really work miracles with twitter if you use it right...