Kick off – thinking outside the borders.

Ever since I was a kid I was led to believe that there is something really great and fundamentally different about being Greek. I guess they teach you this stuff at school for thousands of years now. There is nothing wrong about that, actually it's great and I still feel that we are different people but maybe for different reasons.

Living abroad for a while (UK in the 90’s, New York for the last 4 years) has changed my perspective a bit and this is what I will be sharing with you on this blog. The objective is not to complain about our misfortunes or praise our unique talents, but like I said just to give a different perspective. Hopefully we can all learn from this, especially if there are comments and discussion.

Within this context, I will try to provide useful advice based on my location and perspective. Being a founding partner of , I will be talking a lot about internet, startups and business strategy. On the other hand, I will also try to capture some of the key market trends as I experience them here in New York: new concepts, fresh marketing ideas and other goodies that I can report back to you while I am in NYC...

On top of this, my dream is to also do the following:

1-Challenge the existing work mentality: most people are in jobs that they don’t really like… they will wake up one day only to realize how unhappy they are and that they lost the opportunity of a lifetime (literally) to really stand for something. Even worse, free economy is challenging the notion of job security, even in Europe. You can get fired and nobody will ever care. How about trying to make the rules instead of following them?

2-Sell the idea of entrepreneurship: we all know that this Greece is not the greatest location to start a startup. People are afraid, or they don’t know where to start from and clearly the State and legal environment do not really help to change this. Nevertheless, there are ways and we can do it, but we need to change a few things in the process.

There is so much out there for grabs. Let's go get it.

Please keep your comments coming. Challenge, debate, argue, do whatever you want.