Sparkling magic in everything you do

(Its Sunday morning and I am off for the weekend. I am in a great mood, thus the weird post. Enjoy)

“Trust me. It’s paradise. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before…”

There is something really inviting about these words. The expectation of a unique experience that drives adrenaline through the roof. A moment when the rest of the world stops, because there is only one thing that matters: the promise of a mind blowing, maybe even life changing experience. An emotion.

Well, these words come from “the beach”, one of my favorite movies of all times (go rent it if you haven’t seen it). Leonardo DiCaprio and friends actually find Paradise on Earth, a pristine beach hidden somewhere in Thailand. The moment they first see the beach exactly encapsulates the essence of this feeling. It’s a moment when time stops and emotions overwhelm you. A split second when you feel like you are 5 years old again. A instant memory.

When was the last time that you said, or heard these words? Let me rephrase: When was the last time that you had such an experience? Yes, its been a while. Tough huh?

Maybe it’s part of not being a kid anymore. Or it’s because we live in a western society. After all abundance does make things look smaller and more of the same. Either way, maybe life has become too predictable. Work, home, friends, family, lunch, dinner, drinks, a new restaurant, a new pair of shoes. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

Maybe not, if life is pleasant. But what if you feel that you are compromising? What if you feel that you experiences are not magical anymore? Then it becomes a problem. Future becomes your focus, and you can’t enjoy anything today. You think about it all the time. You are not happy anymore.

But happiness is an option. You can create magic for other people and then you will feel it too. You take risks and follow your heart. You change, your personal life, your career, your startup and everything that you create. In the end, you open up to new ideas even when you are afraid. And then you innovate and sparkle magic in everything you do.

Believe me, other people will feel the difference and appreciate it. It's so worth it.