First two weeks and the road ahead.

So its already been two weeks, since I started this blog. So far, the focus has been twofold:
On the one hand, I have tried to present things that (hopefully) inspire us. Big picture topics. Future trends. New ideas. Issues of career and personal change.
On the other hand, I have covered news and learnings; practical things that will help us with implementation.
I really like this mix.
I constantly feel the need to be inspired and dream big. But I also need the guidance and the practical advice of what works and how to do things. A good mix of structure and creativity. So far it looks like you like it too, so this is good news for all of us.
Moving forward I will also add new content, particularly in the "what works" area. I will demo new products that pop up here in NY (and beyond), trying to extract learnings for all of us. And I have secured some interesting interviews with entrepreneurs and *celebrities* so we can hear it from the horse's mouth.
So stay tuned because this is going to get more interesting. Feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions. Thanks for reading.