BarCamp NYC 3 – an unconference of brilliant people

WHAT: A couple of weeks ago I attended BarCamp NYC-3. BarCamp is an “unconference”, a loose conference if you like, where creative people, computer engineers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, webdesigners, investors and venture capitalists gather and interact…

Various other interesting people show up (creatives, social philosophers and other self proclaimed gurus) to discuss, explore and exchange views about… pretty much everything.

To put it in one sentence, I was simply overwhelmed by the freshness of ideas, the passion of people and the diversity of talent. Simply amazing.

HOW: Here is how it works: anybody can participate on one condition: they have to contribute to a session or present something.

So, you show up with an idea, or an issue, a demo or a presentation and you put your name and subject on the notice board (see below)

SO WHAT: The idea is simple enough and it works. The benefit is huge, as you get feedback for free, from the best brains and eyeballs that you could probably get. For instance, one guy held a session on “how to expand to a new country”. He didn’t have a a presentation, he was basically asking for guidance and opinions from the group. Another one hosted a half an hour session titled “what is the business model of twitter”? it was fascinating to see how people were brainstorming and found numerous ways of monetizing this great startup.

Overall, more than 200 people attended and there were at least 5-6 sessions taking place simultaneously at every single moment. The driving power that fuelled this gathering was the passion and motivation of the people to share and learn.

Are we ready to throw something like this in Greece? Maybe we can try… Lets do more sharing and learning.