Apple again

Manhattan is once again in an Apple state of mind (it is the big apple after all).

Latest update: Apple is probably cooking something big in midtown, but its unlikely that it's going to be another store. There is a lot of excitement, as Apple is always full of surprises.

We'll see.

On a different note, there is also increased speculation about the price adjustment (cut) of iphone. According to latest news, the price cut may be in the neighborhood of $100 or even $200 and it will probably take place before the launch of the new 3G iphone (expected to be released on the one-year anniversary of the original iPhone debut June 27).
Of course that would be the logical thing to expect, although a report from Fortune suggests that the price cut will apply to the new, 3G, iphone, which doesn't make much sense, I think. Unless Apple dumps the old model altogether.